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JAS-380 Roofing System is our proprietry product which was successfully launched in January 2010.

The high standing seam of JAS-380 Roofing System is designed for roofs featuring a very low pitch. It provides high drainage capacity without seepage with the concealed zipping process during installation.

JAS-380 Roofing sheet has a pan width of 380mm and seam height of 66mm. Its wide fluted pan and high ribbed design allow water to disperse quickly and efficiently even due to heavy rainfall.

The conceal clip have assorted height to meet various thickness of built-up insulation.  


  Base Metal Thickness(BTM)/mm 0.42/0.55   -
  Total Coated Thickness(TCT)/mm 0.47/0.60   0.70-1.00
  Grade of Metal G300-G450   AA 3004
  Finishes Clean Colorbond   PVDF Stucco-embossed

JAS-380 Roofing System is available in both Steel and Aluminium. The concealed fixing is ideal for metal roofing to avoid roof puncturing and reduce possibility of corrosion.


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