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JAS-DLS (Double Lock Seam) Roof System is a roof and façade covering system. The design shallow long strips of JAS-DLS profiles to be assembled by forming double folds on the upstands. JAS-DLS are laid on continuous base decking and secured using concealed fixing clips. 

JAS-DLS is a low seam roof system and the flat pan allows the flexibility in adaptation to almost any architectural design. It is also an easy and cost effective system, as the use of profiling and seaming machine optimize material consumption
                              JAS-DLS capabilities are not restricted to just simple or traditional roof configurations. The latest design manufacturing process provides the unmatched capability and flexibility of providing smoothly curved and tapered panels.

  JAS-DLS is secured to steel or timber substrate without puncturing the sheet. Fastening screws are not visible because of its positive concealed clip fixing. Thus achieving smooth, clean line in architectural design.

  JAS-DLS profile is designed for its wind resistance and strong low seam design disperses rainwater efficiently to the outer perimeters of the roof. JAS-DLS is an excellent choice for severe rainfall intensity areas in Asia as any applications can be weatherproof with the proper details and system components.

 Tapered and curved geometric forms
Tapered and curved geometric forms



JAS-DLS can be used for any roof, wall cladding and fascia. It is designed to perform at a minimum recommended roof pitch of 3 degree.

DURABILITY:           JAS-DLS has the unique ability to use two different panels attachment methods. Since the metal industry has continued to evolve and mature, there has been an increase in the demand to use more natural metals like coated steel and aluminum. JAS-DLS is able to meet the unique design and performance needs of each substrate. Thermal expansion and contraction in long length panels is easily accomplished with its exclusive clip attachment system. 

SIMPLE FIXING: JAS-DLS can be laid in place and easily aligned. Fixing with steel clip is simpler and faster. The seaming process is simple when operated by mechanical machine and is light weight which can be handled by only one person.


JAS-DLS is manufactured as standard in Aluminium or Steel. A wide range of finishes and colours are available upon request. Further material and coating choices are possible, please consult our sales office for more information.

ALUMINIUM:            JAS-DLS is typically supplied in 3000 alloy which are chosen for their performance and technical properties. While various colour coatings are available for aluminium material, standard finishes in stock is based on PVDF coatings. 

STEEL:  Our proprietary pre-painted system and colours combine the superior strength of steel, the corrosion resistance and protection of a Zinc/aluminium alloy coating that maintain its long lasting beauty with excellent colour retention. 





Base Metal Thickness in mm (BMT)

0.42mm / 0.55mm

Total Coated Thickness in mm (TCT)  0.47mm / 0.60mm   0.7 mm
Effective Cover Width Up to 600mm Up to 600mm 
Rib Depth  25mm / 32mm 25mm / 32mm 
Minimum Recommended Roof Pitch / Slope 3“ (without end lap) 3“ (without end lap) 
Grade of Metal (MPa) G300 3000 series

Custom Cut Lengths

Any measurement to a maximum transportable length in factory   Any measurement to a maximum transportable length in factory
Prepared with zinc aluminium coated coil prepainted steel
Pre-painted alumimium coil with PVDF, 3 coating


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