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JAS TILE: a non-conventional metal roof tile with superior finish and benefits, and lighter in weight as compared to conventional clay tiles. With its conspicuous cupped design, and available in spectrum of colours, project a classic and eye-catching look offering architects and designers a wide array of design options.
JAS TILE Aluminium Roofing System is attractive, affordable, premium roof and architecturally appropriate for almost any style of building. 
JAS TILE is also available in other materials:
  • Pre-coated zincalume steel
  • Pre-coated stainless steel

            * minimium quantity apply


Without the limitations of additional substructure that other typical roofing system may require - 
JAS TILE roof extends the possibility of borderless design flexibility in roofing while maintaining lower cost owing to its lightweight and ease of installation. 
The other features include:
  • a two-sided interlocking design which is capable to deliver the best protection against moisture penetration and wind uplift.
  • the concaved feature that adds dimension and enhances noise absorption, and stiffened the surface to eliminate 'oil-canning' effect.



Reasons why you should use JAS Roof Tile 
  • Light Weight and Easy Installation.
  • Excellent Colour & Gloss Retention.
  • Wide Range of Colour

JAS Roof Tile is available for 3 types of materials, namely 

- Pre-painted Steel
- Pre-painted Aluminum
- Pre-coated Stainless Steel
Pre-painted Steel

JAS Roof Tile in pre-painted steel is an ideal product for both industrial and commercial purposes. With high quality while maintaining at an affordable price.
Our pre-painted steel is produced using the latest metal coating technology and designed to withstand harsh environment conditions.
The gloss retention coat protects the shine of the building and prevents the coat from breaking down in aggressive climate to keep the building to look new longer.
The engineered painting system is able to prevent dirt from staining onto the surface and enables dirt to be washed off by rainfall, as a result maintains the appearance of your building chalk free and beautiful. 

Pre-painted Aluminum

Aluminum JAS Roof Tile is very light and excellent in corrosion-resistant, suitable to use especially near coastal area.
The combination of high durability of Aluminum and PVDF coating enable JAS Roof Tile to be more durable and last longer. 

Pre-coated Stainless Steel 
JAS Roof Tile in pre-coated stainless steel has attractive appearance; and superior corrosion-resistant.
is coated with SUS-Gray coating which acts as an anti- finger print coating to keep the surface looks good.
Stainless steel roofing system requires very little maintenance and it combines the unsurpassed durability of stainless steel with the design versatility of a richly hued, shingle-style tile. 
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