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Composite panel made of aluminum and mineral-filled core. It has Excellent Color Uniformity and Superior Flatness It is Light and Rigidity with Superior Corrosion Resistance and Weather ability.
It allows wide range of colour selection from RAL colour system. It is best suitable for exterior and interior clading and ceiling system.
Product Features and Benefits
                Excellent Color Uniformity
                Superior Flatness
                Wide Range of Color
                Light and Rigidity
                Superior Corrosion Resistance
                Weather Ability
                Effortless Processing of Fabrication
                Simple and Quick Installation
                Low Maintenance

Construction of Composite panel

Test Results for Aluminunm Composite Panel

Country Test Standard Results
 USA  UBC 26-9, ASTM E119  Pass


 Smoke Density 0, Flame Spread 0
 United Kingdom  BS 746 Part 5  Pass
 BS 746 Part 6  Index 0 Class 0
 BS 746 Part 7  Class 1  Class 0
 South Korea  KSF 2271 - 1998  Pass
 ASTM 119:2005 (2 Hours)  Pass
 Japan  108-2 of the Building 
Standard Law 
 Pass (Fire retardant test of non-combustible material related to
approval Under Article 2-9 of the Building Standard Law)
 Germany  DIN 4102-1  B1



 Test Certificates
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 ASTM E119(2hour)

 BS476 Part 5 BS476 Part 6  BS476 Part7  PSB FR
SGS-FR UBC 26-9 DIN 4102 - B1 9 Certificate


(New Zealand)



Airborne Sound
Transmission Loss

Windload - FR 4T 

 PPG Duranar 2 
Coat Product 
PPG Duranar 3 
Coat Product 

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