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JCOM Panel is an aluminum honeycomb panel with excellent properties and is extremely light weight.


It is ideal for innovative and artistic design in architectural or industrial applications.

JCOM Panel is highly durable. Its 97% free space between the honeycomb makes it lightweight and yet highly capable in its specific strength and rigidity.

It has a wide range of colour which allows to have unlimited design and concept.




JCOM Panel Benefits 

High specific strength
Supreme Rigidity and flatness
Sound Absorption
Fire Safety Performance
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JCOM Panel is a fire-safe material 
and it is tested to
BS 476 Part 4:1970 
(tested on the core material)

Rating: Non combustible
BS 476 Part 6: 1989 
(tested on PVDF Aluminum skin)
Rating: Class O

BS 476 Part 7: 1997 
(tested on PVDF Aluminum skin)
Rating: Class O



JCOM Panel Techincal Data Sheet (Thickness 10mm)
Aluminum Alloy A3003-H16
Aluminum Skin (Front) (mm) 1.0 / 0.5
Aluminum Skin (Rear) (mm) 0.5

Weight (kg/m2)

Section Modulus (cm3/m) 4.55
Rigidity, EI (kNcm2/m) 70'000
Modulus of Elasticity, E (N/mm2) Rm > 125
Tensile strength of Aluminum skin (N/mm2) Rm > 125
0.2% Proof Stress Rp > 80
Thermal Conductivity, U (W/m2K) 3.56
Thermal Resistance, R (m2K/W) 0.281
Sound Absorption Factor, α 0.05
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